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Level 3, Wisma Sumber Alam,
Jalan Stadium, Petra Jaya,
93050 Kuching,Sarawak


+6 082 313 823

+6 082 313 810
Last Update: 28 Jun 2017
Version 8.0.2
Account Management DivisionAccount Management Division
    Function of Account Management Division

  1. To manage and to implement policies, system and procedures for acquiring office stocks such as machines and stationeries;
  2. To prepare tender documentation / quotations for the Ministry’s supplier based on demand;
  3. To record supplier/contractor’s in a list and to monitor their performance from time to time;
  4. Managing employee’s salary system and preparing their payslip and allowances;
  5. Managing and Maintaining the office’s transportations;
  6. To prepare annual expenditure estimations;
  7. Maintaining Ledger Book;
  8. To record supplier/contractor’s bills;
  9. Preparing monthly expenditure returns;
  10. To control normal/development expenditure;
  11. To Review Annual Expenditure Estimations of Departments and Agencies under the Ministry; and
  12. To control stationery supplies.