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Level 3, Wisma Sumber Alam,
Jalan Stadium, Petra Jaya,
93050 Kuching,Sarawak


+6 082 313 823

+6 082 313 810
Last Update: 21 Jul 2017
Version 8.0.2
Administration and Management Services DivisionAdministration and Management Services Division


Administration Unit

  • Determining the safety/security of offices, machines, equipment/appliances, furniture, and so forth.

  • Receiving, distributing and sending out letters, memoranda and circulars.

  • Opening and registering files following work procedure manual system as set out.

  • Carrying out duties in keeping files, filing letters and recording the movement of files.

  • Providing typing service to all divisions.

  • Managing the use of office library and library materials.

  • Up-dating records on the registrations of correspondence and recording the progress on the implementation/ expenditure of projects financed by the Forest Concession Area Fund ( Conservation and Development) into the computer system.

  • Up-dating amendments of laws in all divisions.

  • Administering establishment of posts and personnel including the creation of posts based on requirement, determining the right Scheme of Service for each post, appointment, attachment, confirmation, promotions, disciplinary action, retirement, termination, training and career development.

  • Preparing Employee Service Records.

  • Keeping and up-dating employee’s leave, medical treatment, training records and others.

  • Recording all inventories in the ministry.

Finance Unit

  • Administering and implementing policies, systems, and procedures for purchasing machinery stocks, tools and office equipment.

  • Preparing tender/ quotation documents for supplying things to the Ministry of Planning and Resource Management based on requirement.

  • Creating list of suppliers/wholesalers and studying their performance from time to time.

  • Administering salary systems and preparing salary statements and staff allowances.

  • Managing and maintaining office vehicles.

  • Preparing annual estimates.

  • Maintaining ledger books

  • Registering bills/invoices from the suppliers/wholesalers.

  • Preparing monthly expenditure return.

  • Preparing petty cash account and stamps.

  • Controlling the day-today expenditure/development expenditure.

  • Reviewing annual estimates of departments and agencies under the Ministry of Planning and Resource Management.

  • Controlling the supplies of stationeries.

  • Answering audit and the Public Account Committee queries.